Our goal is to place every pup in the best possible permanent, loving home. You will be entering a long term (10+ years) relationship with your puppy. To do that we need to get to know you. We do not intend to be intrusive, but the information you give us about your family and expectations will help us place the correct puppy with you that is compatible with your family and life style. It is important to find homes with the best chance of success for you and your new companion. 

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1. Have you ever owned a Miniature Australian Shepherd or Australian Shepherd before?     
  yes   no 
2. What made you decide to purchase a Miniature Australian Shepherd?
3. What other Breed(s) of dog(s) have you owned? If you have not had a dog before, please state
4. Do You still own the dog(s) mentioned above? If not, what happened to the dog(s)?!
5. Do you currently own any other animals (non-canine)? If yes, please list them below.
6. If you currently do not own any dogs, can you tell me about your past exposure to dogs &/or ownership.
7. Do you have children? If yes, please list their names & ages along with a brief idea as to their exposure to dogs.
8. What are your plans for housing and exercising your puppy?
9. How many hours will your puppy be alone? And where will your puppy spend his time when you are not home?
10. Have you ever given up a dog to the shelter or rescue? If so, why?
11. Do you have any concerns about getting a new puppy?
12. What do you see as being a “problem” with a new puppy or dog?
13. Do you prefer a Male or Female? Why?
14. Do you have a color preference? Please give a 1st and a 2nd choice. (red/blue/black - bi/tri/merle)!
15. Do you have a time frame for purchasing your puppy?
   Yes, I would like it by: 
   No, anytime is good.
16. Mini Aussies range from 14” - 18”. Would you be upset if your pup exceeds 18”?
    Yes   No     
17. Are you planning to purchase a breeding animal or a pet/companion animal?
    Breeding Animal    Pet/Companion Animal
18. All our pet/companion puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract. Do you have a problem with this? If yes, why?
19. Check any of the following events in which you plan to participate with your new Aussie:
  Agility     Breeding     Conformation     Flyball     Frisbee     Herding    Obedience
  Therapy Dog       Tracking       Other 
20. If you breed, do you agree to have your dog’s eyes cleared (CERF), hips OFA, and PRA (if needed) beforehand?
   Yes   No
21. How did you hear about Hot House Kennels Mini Aussies?
If you are interested in a co-own, this is how it works. The puppy would live with you. You would provide the loving home, care and training. We would strive to make the puppy a champion, determine the best mates, help market the puppies or stud dog. We would pass on information/education to you. You can be as involved as you want or not.

We will be keeping our number of dogs here at our house very limited. We are not a puppy mill!! Our desire is to enjoy our dogs and give them the attention they deserve and at the same time we want to be involved in improving our Mini Aussies as a breed. So, occasionally, we would like to have a co-own family (preferably local) for a show/breed quality pup.

At about 8 weeks old, we will be testing our pups for personality/temperament and structure (called puzzling). This helps us to determine the puppy’s potential as a pet/companion or performance/breeding prospect. It also helps us find the best fit for your family. The most important thing for our puppies is that they have a loving, permanent home. First come is not always first serve. It’s very important to us that the pup is a good fit for you and your family. Would you be willing to allow us to assist you in choosing a pup, based on your information?

  Yes   No
Do you have any other questions or concerns?
Please take the time to learn about Australian Shepherd health issues and visit the ASGHI site. Dogs can have every health issue that people have including epilepsy, eye disorders and hip dysplasia even with a breeders’ best intentions, careful planning and testing of breeding dogs and litters. There is no way to breed every pup to be free from all genetic illnesses.




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